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we're both confused - Yes I Have A Life
July 9th, 2012
11:23 pm


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we're both confused
There are two parts in me right now.

The part that is not that upset because it's been leading up to this for a while, maybe it's not meant to be.
And the part of me that is not that upset because it is meant to be and it will just have to wait.

I miss him and I don't miss him all at once.

My life is wracked with change I am actively avoiding. ACTIVELY avoiding my to dos. Maybe once I begin addressing them, the rest will fall into place.

I keep thinking about all the things I want to do with him. All the experiences we still have yet to have.

That this change will let me to coast until a giant crash. Probably him with someone else.

I'm just praying this works out in my favor. Whatever that favor is.

While I can't imagine any one else, I don't know what choice I have.

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