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Yes I Have A Life

Addictive Procrastination

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Ive grown up on this thing. From the good old days of daily descriptions to random ranting - it's my sometimes secret, sometimes popular LJ!
My lifejournal is everything. It is my memories from last year, it is my place to vent when I need to get my feelings out, it is my place to type and procrastinate, it is my haven for writing daily events.
I love finding people I know on here. I love reading Journals. I love "friending". And I love comments.

<> Welcome to my D A S H Life <>

** we laughed until we had to cry, we loved down till our last goodbye. and thru the years we'll smile and recall, for just one summer we had it all **
<3 I love u Wheels Bus C 2004

Team Ween and the HooHaas do Spain/ Israel 05 --> Group 1 pilgrimage LOOOVE. Jew Crew Jew Crew Say WHAt?!!
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