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Home - Yes I Have A Life
March 12th, 2013
02:51 am


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I'm overwhelmed by memories from this house.

  • Walking through the neighborhood during the summer of 2003 and just sitting on the porch outside until 4 in the morning talking about life.

  • Bringing friends through the back into the basement

  • 17 friends from Wheels staying over all over the house, cooking Shabbat dinner together and almost burning the house down

  • My mom raising us on our own

  • When our parents were still married and when they were living together when we were separated

  • my 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade birthday parties: sleep over in the basement, water party with manny

  • our kitchen and basement remodel

  • When I left for college and didn't live at home anymore

  • When i came home in 2010 confused about life

  • Ariana staying at our house for every break

  • Sam and Jenny coming to the burbs to hang out with the ZBTs

  • Megan sleeping over during mustache bash and black wednesday with outrageous priscilla

  • when the crew first assembled

  • randi visiting

  • randi, the crew hanging out in the basement

  • the crew's first party - and those that followed that first summer

  • Josh driving the police insane

  • Banner sleep over and party where we all got together and bonded, even our bosses

  • Dance girls baking together in the kitchen

  • laying out with rachel in summer 2011 and 2012

  • Grandma and Grandpa bringing Bramble

  • Tippy first arrive at the house, killing mice in the house, staying outside for days, sleeping on our beds

  • Us all growing up and going through high school

  • watching power rangers after coming home from school in elementary school

  • walking to the bus stop in high school and elementary

  • walking to school when I was late for assignments and in trouble

  • pulling all nighters working on projects

  • Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving at the house

  • watching Saturday morning shows

  • the original grey cabinets that held our old old blankets

  • when we bought the blue couch

  • losing my virginity on the floor to Dan

  • When Jordan came over and kissed me on the couch, in the kitchen and in the bathroom

  • Kissing David on our lawn in the back after smoking with josh

  • when Mark would come over on thursdays and lay in the living room

  • Jereme's visit and coming for Prom and coming to school with me and getting dragged all around Buffalo Grove

  • all the photos I took with my big mirror

  • the night i left for college and everyone came over - had time with jamie and jordan and my girl friends at the time

  • working on psych projects with tats

  • when the loft had the play house init

  • when alpha phis came over before we went abroad and had snacks, drinks and giggles

  • the morning after the banner aprty when our cleaning lady showed up

  • when katie // elle would hook up in our guest bedroom in the bedroom in 2003

  • when i went on my first date in freshman year

  • typing on the computer in the den in early high school in between lap tops and uploading photos and keeping in touch via LJ

  • tippy keeping me awake with meowing and coming in and out of the room

  • being alone thursday nights

  • When Dan came into town - st pattys 2010 for a night, 4th of july 2011, april and june 2012 and we fought

  • my 20th birthday after the cubs game with david and when i wouldnt let him buy me a shirt and we came back to my room and it smelled like him

  • when i left for study abroad and we went out almost all night and had a sad goodbye and i wrote him that plane letter in bed in tears

  • the first night i came home from wheels and missed my friends

  • when i got a full size bed and then it caught fire a few days later

  • rearranging my room in 2012 so i had more room by closet

  • When Sean visited in May and had shabbat dinner with my family

  • our first few sukkah's

  • Yechiels 30th anniversary party at the house and being on the phone for an informational interview that never panned out

  • Hannah's wedding shabbat dinner

  • when mom got married and Y moved in and the house changed plates and koshers

  • learning to cook and bake and then do it healthily

  • writing diaries in elementary school

  • when joshs friends were hooking up outside my door in that party

  • rachel's brownie day

  • nye 2010 when megi and ariana slept over at the end of the night and we had to pick up elle from downtown

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